Kitchen Tip: Cook Less, Make More

1 DOUBLE BATCH / FREEZE METHOD – Double your recipe and freeze half. Keep a list of what you have added to your freezer so that you don’t forget about that Lentil Soup you made a few weeks back. If you abide by this every week, you’ll have one night when dinner is already made the minute you hit the door. Think hearty soups and casseroles. Our favorites: Gypsy Soup, White Bean Enchiladas

2 DOUBLE BATCH / EAT ALL WEEK METHOD – Double your recipe and serve throughout the week for lunches and / or one reserve for one night of leftovers. Soups and casseroles also work well here, but even better for things that don’t freeze well, like previously frozen meats, salads, or sandwiches. We like: Coconut Chicken with Rice, Vegetable Paella

3 GRAINS – Cook up a large amount of rice or quinoa and use throughout the week: as a side dish next to protein, mixed with veggies and greens for a salad, stir fried with scrambled eggs, or serve it warm with honey, almonds, chia and pumpkin seeds for breakfast.

4 PROTEIN BOOST – Grill or bake a larger amount of meat or other protein and serve for dinner as is, then dice or shred leftovers for salad, sandwiches or tacos.

5 SAMPLE QUANTITY BOOST SCHEDULE – Reorder the cooking days as desired, but here’s one way you might piece together all of the strategies at once! 3 days of cooking to cover a week of meals. Brilliant!
Day 1: (COOK) Double batch something and eat half
Day 2: Freezer meal from a prior week
Day 3: (COOK) Double Protein and Grain servings, eat half, reserve half
Day 4: Eat other half of Day 1 dinner
Day 5: Green Salad/Taco/Sandwich with leftover Protein and/or Grain from Day 3
Day 6: (COOK) Double batch and freeze half
Day 7: Leftovers

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