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We need Yoga now more than ever

I’ve been thinking about you a lot. How are you doing during this coronavirus pandemic? My family and I have been in quarantine for just over two weeks now. Like many of you, we are choosing a strict version of social distancing where we are home all day, visit with neighbors from porch to sidewalk, Read more about We need Yoga now more than ever[…]

Ready For Yoga Turns 1!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago this month, I was planning the world-wide release of Ready For Yoga. Since then, the book has been reviewed by Yoga Chicago magazine, endorsed by teachers and shared by many. It even reach #1 Best Seller in the Yoga Category of Amazon for a brief time! I’ve Read more about Ready For Yoga Turns 1![…]

Top 10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Have you thought about how you’ll celebrate? Once reserved purely for romantics, Valentine’s Day is now an opportunity to share your love more broadly and even turn the arrows inward. Here are my top 10 creative, fun, and innovative ways to celebrate February 14 this year. Enjoy!! Read more about Top 10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day[…]