We need Yoga now more than ever

I’ve been thinking about you a lot. How are you doing during this coronavirus pandemic?

My family and I have been in quarantine for just over two weeks now. Like many of you, we are choosing a strict version of social distancing where we are home all day, visit with neighbors from porch to sidewalk, and get our groceries delivered. While we know that this shift in lifestyle is the best way to “flatten the curve” and reduce the heavy load on our hospitals, it can be a challenge.

I’ve fielded a lot of questions and calls from friends wanting to know how they can do some yoga at home. We are all seeking a way to feel grounded and connected in what are rather chaotic and anxious times. The practice of yoga unites the body and the mind, creating a greater sense of integration and wholeness. This makes it a uniquely beneficial time to do it. For home practice, I recommend the free classes on YouTube by Yoga with Adriene. I also have some free resources on my website that might get you started and a simple cat/cow pose in the morning and at night can go a long way to feeling uplifted.

If you’re totally new to yoga, you’d benefit from getting a copy of Ready For Yoga. As you’ve heard me say before, it is the single best tool for getting over your fears and getting started with yoga. AND! All sales this month (April 2020) will go towards supporting those affected by Covid-19 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Together Rising and Feeding America. I have chosen these two organizations for their direct impact on lifting up those with acute needs, helping to ease economic and food insecurity and healthcare equipment shortages. Check out the short (and adorable, if I do say so) video announcement for this campaign below. Please share with anyone who might benefit from some support with their yoga practice at this time. Together, we can make a difference to ease the suffering of all.

I hope that you stay strong during all of this. We will get through it! I will be thinking of all of you. May you be blessed.

P.S. – Looking for other ways to pass the time? I’ve found that the protracted days have made for time and space to open up to new things too. At my house, we’ve doodled with Mo Willems, listened to musical artists streaming concerts from their homes, “Zoomed” (is that a verb now?) with friends across the country, learned how to make stop motion videos (as evidenced above!), and explored our local forest preserves trail systems. How have you been spending the time?