turn your intentions into action and get started with yoga


Ready For Yoga is a personalized guide to getting started with a yoga practice. This book will help you to identify the results that you want and remove the obstacles that are getting in your way. From a high-level overview of the history of yoga to a play-by-play breakdown of a typical yoga class, Ready For Yoga provides a friendly foundation on which to build your practice. Turn your intentions in to actions and get Ready for Yoga.

  • Weekly yoga practice can improve flexibility in as little as six weeks.

  • Yoga nicely blends methods of both relaxing the body and quieting the mind to reduce stress

  • Yoga elevates mood and improves measures of psychological health

  • Ready For Yoga will be available for sale on Amazon starting September 18, 2018.



Hello! My name is Diana Shea. I am an author, yoga teacher and Director of The Yoga Centre, a yoga studio in Oak Park, IL. I am working on my first book, Ready for Yoga, designed to help people turn their intentions into action and get started with yoga.

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