• I teach Yoga and manage the operations of The Yoga Centre
  • I advocate for natural childbirth through pregnancy yoga and workshops.
  • I write about Food and Cooking in my newsletter Embracing Dinner

  • Hello!  My name is Diana Shea.  I am a teacher, writer and natural childbirth advocate.  As a teacher, I make yoga and other healthy lifestyle choices more accessible for people.   As a writer, I explain simple wellness strategies and habits, of which cooking with whole foods is a big part.

Looking for something more formal?

Diana Shea is a multi-faceted wellness consultant.  After spending thirteen years as a business analyst, Diana chose to leverage her unique talents with yoga, pregnancy and cooking to provide a variety of wellness services.   Diana is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance, having completed her teaching certification in Hatha Yoga with the Temple of Kriya Yoga in 2006 (Chicago).  In 2007, Diana completed her Prenatal Yoga teaching certification with Yama Studio (Baltimore) and her labor doula certification from Sinai Hospital (Baltimore).  Diana is currently the Director of The Yoga Centre (Oak Park, IL).  She is the author of Embracing Dinner, a kitchen strategy newsletter.   She is pleased to spend her time teaching and writing about simple wellness habits and strategies that transform lives.

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