Yoga Chicago Amplifies Message of Ready for Yoga

Hey there, guess what?! We got press! 🙂

Check out the most recent issue of Yoga Chicago Magazine. I am honored to be a contributor to the publication this month by sharing an excerpt of Ready For Yoga. It’s really special to see the first chapter in print among other wonderful stories of Chicago yogis, like Marshawn Feltus, who just received national recognition for his work in making yoga more accessible, inclusive and healing for all. Congratulations Marshawn!

In this issue, you’ll also find a book review of Ready For Yoga.  I particularly appreciate this quote, which reminds me that there’s something in this book for everyone.

“Although Ready For Yoga is a down-to-earth guide that will give more people confidence to try yoga, practitioners of all levels will find useful information and inspiration.” – Yoga Chicago Magazine

Thank you to Sharon Steffensen and Yoga Chicago Magazine for the feature this month. I really appreciate the amplification of my message and hope that together, we’ve encouraged a few more people on to a mat this month.

Peace and love!